Monday, June 23, 2014


Good afternoon lovely readers,

a couple weeks ago Miss Irina from Stella Models visited the House of Knoth for yet another test photoshoot. 

Just some background info on Irina for you guys - just to make us normal people feel bad about themselves :p This beautiful lady you are seeing before you has already given birth to two (!) super cute kids! I mean, I'm beyond words, she looks freakin amazing! Frequenting the gym every once in a while doesn't seem so bad, considering... Oh, and good genes help, too :)

For the shoot I decided to try my hand on glam hollywood curls (did I mention that Irina has the most enviable hair ever? Like ever!). I paired it with a neutral eye and my favorite red lipstick, Lady Danger by MAC; et voila there you have your classic retro Hollywood Glam look. 

Heidi xxx

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