Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey guys,

check out the editorial for Vangardist Magazine I did together with the two awesome ladies Anastasia Ehlakova (photographer) and Sweta Brik (stylist) from Brick & Mortar and Vangardist's fashion editor Mirza Sprecakovic. Our models were the Austrian winners of the Elite Model look contest, the hyper cool Serge Rivava and gorgeous Laura Stranz.

Heidi xxx

Monday, December 1, 2014


Good afternoon,

thanks to our lovely friend and model Irina we got to meet the Austrian based Designer Gottfried. Gottfried was in need for a photographer to showcase some of his work - beautiful haute couture gowns and some ready-to-wear pieces.Thanks to Gottfried's rather good connections in his home town Jürgen Knoth got to shoot Irina in a museum for modern art, which is all concrete walls and straight lines. A perfect backdrop for her wearing Gottfried Haute Couture :)

For hair we decided on big Hollywood curls, and I kept the make up simple with sculptured cheekbones, soft caramel eyes and a dark red lip. For a second look I took Irina's hair up in a kinda undone styled low bun, changed the lip color to a soft nude and enhanced the eyeshadow color just a tad. 

Heidi xxx

Monday, November 10, 2014


Good evening,

I've been dying to talk about this for months, but had to keep my mouth shut until last week... Now I can say it: I was on TV! I'm famous! Nope, I'm just kiddin, not about the I was on TV thing, but about me being famous ;) But let me give you a bit of background information...

In July Jürgen got contacted by Vangardist Magazine to shoot an editorial for their November issue, which is themed all around the topic 'Hair'. Why the November issue you might be wondering, well... because it was for the TV show 'Austria's Next Topmodel'! This editorial was supposed to be one of their 'real jobs' where the candidates go to a casting and one or some of them will get the job. Since the show was filmed in the summer, but started being on air only in September it couldn't get published any earlier. 

So off we went to Baden during some crazy hot summer sunday. There was some filming action, some casting action and some interview action. Our episode aired Oct 30th 2014. Watch the casting by clicking the following link. It's right at the beginning of the video :)

Jürgen and Julian from Vangardist decided that ANTM candidates Miro and Lydia would be the best choice for our editorial, which was all about edgyness, roughness - and a lot of hair! To get a small behind the scenes glimpse, click on the link below, our part starts around minute 9).  

Now comes the best part: I got to do the make up for our editorial! I was inspired by hair in general, especially bird's hair, i.e. feathers :) I kept the skin very highlighted, using the silver and white from my MU4E flash palette, and made feather bits and bobs that could be attached to eyebrows, brow bone and also lashes. Danny Wutzl created some cool hair style to go with it, Jürgen took some effin cool shots and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

Here are the final pictures, enjoy!

Heidi xxx

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hey guys,

this year in August, Jürgen and I got invited through a lovely friend (thank you again Vanessa!) to attend a networking event in the beautiful Austrian village Bad Gastein. This event is organized biannually by Bianca Schwarzjirg, who is one of the hosts of the morning show 'Café Puls' on the Austrian TV station Puls 4. She's super nice, beautiful and smart and it is incredible what a bunch of awesome people she got together for that weekend!

For breakfast on both days we happened to come across two lovely ladies, one from Munich and one from Vienna. The German beauty Eva has recently started her own fashion label Just Eve and in just a few years the brand has done amazingly well and became super successful. The Austrian beauty Carina is just as successful with her PR company Young creative media agency, and is responsible for a big part of the success of 'Just Eve'.

We stayed in touch with Eva and Carina and not too long after our weekend in Bad Gastein, we got the chance to shoot a look book for 'Just Eve's' new pants and leggings collection. For the shoot we had another girl doing our three models' hair, while I was responsible for the make up. We started of with a natural make up with a slight focus on the eyes, moved on to some fun smokey eyes and finally put on a bold lip as well.

Here are some of the final pics, always with a little zoom-in on the make up. We did a crazy 24 sujets during this one day, too many to show all of them :)
Natural make up on Ivana.
Natural make up on Mary.
Natural make up on Marlies.
Cranberry eye make up on Ivana.
Dark brown and bronze eyes on Mary.
Brown, blue duo chrome eyeshadow on Marlies.
Dark eyes and red lips.
Cranberry eyes and cherry lips :)
Heidi xxx



following our photoshoot with Irina from Stella models some months ago I got the chance to work with her again. Irina asked me whether I would like to do her make up for a photoshoot with the Viennese based photographer Christian Postl. Of course I agreed! Working with another photographer is always nice :)

So off we went to Linz, Irina's home town, a picturesque and quite town about 1.5 h drive from Vienna. It shouldn't be our last trip to Linz, but more about that in a couple weeks :) For the shoot Christian wanted to photograph Irina in a natural setting, without much posing and without her modeling persona outshining her true self. I really like the pictures and I hope you do, too!

Heidi xxx